We work closely with each client at each stage to fully understand their needs and create a customised system for their type of facility.
Here is a sample of services we can provide for your facility, to the highest industry standard:

Design, Commission, and Demonstrate new BMS Installations

From tender award stage through to client handover, our specialised team will work with both consultant and end-user to achieve the desired result. We can provide all field instrumentation, control panels, and end-user software. We provide a comprehensive electronic and hard copy of the handover manual. Each project is covered under a 12-month warranty.

Optimise Existing BMS Systems

The purpose of Building Management Systems is to control the environment of a building in a practical, cost-effective, and energy-efficient manner. This is not always implemented and is often due to poor maintenance and management of the BMS.

Our dedicated team will interrogate your system, carry out modifications, and advise you on how to best benefit from your BMS (as outlined under BMS Standard ‘BS EN 15232 – The Impact of BACS on Building Efficiency.) This ensures maximum cost savings and smooth operations.

Service & Maintenance of BMS Systems

It is crucial that a maintenance plan is in place for your Building Management System. This will ensure continued energy efficiency and trouble-free operation. We provide tailored, comprehensive maintenance packages that are competitive and reliable. If required, this can include a 24-hour callout service and remote monitoring via our hosted bureau.

Integration of BMS, Fire and Security Systems

Many facilities have several different systems installed that are inconvenient and not cost effective in their day-to-day operations. Integrated Systems resolves this problem. One supervisor system can communicate with many different packages including fire alarm systems, chillers, generators, and security systems.

We also use this technology for integrating different BMS systems. For example, we can integrate a Trend or Siemens BMS with a Cylon BMS. We achieve this using industry standard protocols to communicate with almost any system.

Validation Documentation

Sygma Automation can supply all the validated documentation required by the Gamp 4 directive or specific requirements of the client for the validation and sign-off of HVAC systems. Typical documents that we provide are Functional Design Specifications, Factory Acceptance Tests, and Commissioning Protocols.

Remote Monitoring

Certain companies require the ability to monitor the temperature / humidity or alarm status of a warehouse or cold room from a remote location. This is achieved using the latest technology in telemetry. The client views the temperature online or receives an email or SMS message to alert them of a failure. Sygma Automation offers a competitive solution for such applications that is easily installed and maintained.

Contact us today to enquire how we can improve and manage your Building Management Systems. We look forward to hearing from you.

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